Club Culture: Big Sky Beach Volleyball is dedicated to providing a competitive beach volleyball experience to young athletes in the greater Bozeman, Montana area. We started in 2021 with 30 athletes and had 50 girls and boys in 2022.  We are part of the Big Sky Volleyball Club organization and strive to provide opportunities to learn and compete throughout the region and nationally.  2023 will usher in our Elite Team training program for those looking to take their skills to the next level and looking to pursue collegiate possibilities.
Training/Practice Philosophy: Our practice goals are for technical skill development and high repetition, 'game like' situational training.  We will also spend time with injury prevention and performance enhancement training.  This year we will start our Elite Training program for those that are looking to take their talents to the college game.
Tournament Coaching:  Coaching Beach Volleyball at tournaments (at all levels) is limited to before and after games, during time outs, and minimally during side switches.  Tournament coaching requests will be taken on a tourney by tourney basis.
Elite Team: This will be a group of advanced players (1+ years of beach experience) who are hoping to travel in and out of state to compete against the best players in our region/nation and maybe considering to take their talents to the collegiate game.  Space is very limited for this group.  Please contact Coach John-Henry if you are considering this option.
Competitive:  These trainings are geared towards athletes entering 7th(?)-12th grades who are new to beach volleyball as well as those that have played 1+ years and want to possibly play in a tournament or two in Montana.  This is an excellent way to improve your skills for indoor volleyball!  Space is limited due to having only two courts.